Are you using Instagram as part of your social media marketing strategy? Here are a few advanced tips to consider when writing your Instagram bio and photo captions:

  • Be Smart With The Link In Your Bio

You can include a link in your Instagram bio. Use this link to direct people to more content. You may not necessarily want to send them directly to your e-commerce website, but rather to your blog or YouTube channel instead. Consider where your Instagram followers are in their buyers’ journey to choose the right link to include.

If you are running a promotion, then include information about the promotion in your Instagram bio as well as a link that will send them directly to the page where they can purchase the product. We usually recommend that Instagram marketers use Bitly links or another link that they can track for promotional purposes on Instagram. Remember that you can update your Instagram bio regularly, so you do not have to stick to a static “About Us” description like the one you have on your website.

  • Include A Link To Your Bio In Your Captions

Each and every picture that you post on Instagram needs a well thought out caption. A great tip for Instagram marketers is to end the caption with a link to your account. This may seem counterintuitive, but if you consider that many people will be seeing your posts in their Instagram feeds or the Explore tab, then it makes sense to direct them back to your profile.

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