SEO is a key marketing tool for small businesses across the globe. Milkwhale recently published an infographic about SEO facts for small businesses. Here are some key facts that are worth repeating:

Google Is the Market Leader

 Google accounts for 81% of all global desktop search traffic globally. Only 4.7% of search traffic comes from Yahoo and 7% from Bing. Some more interesting statistics about Google’s search traffic include:

  • Google gets over 57,000 searches per second
  • Google gets over 100 billion searches per month
  • Google handles at least 2 trillion searches per year

User Behaviour

  • 89% of customers begin the buying process from a search engine
  • As low as 20% of search engine visitors scroll down
  • 65% look for the most relevant information to their query

Browse through some of the facts on their infographic.

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