Found a slide on slideshare titled “Humanizing Social Media Strategy for Business”. In the presentation compiled by “CoCo Design” they outline a couple of social media strategies for businesses. A very important factor of Social Media is to humanize your business brand.

By humanizing your business brand via Social Media, you are increasing your brand’s approachability to influence how your company is perceived by customers and prospects. Social Media websites were created for the social interaction of people. Not businesses. Social networking is all about human connections and the engagement between the connections.

Find a couple of topics covered in the presentation below. You can find the full list here: Humanizing Social Media Strategy for Business

Conversations: Social Media is public conversation. Conversations about your organization are occurring with or without you. Joining in on the conversation.

Engagement: Once your organization is part of the conversation establish which departments have a direct interaction with your customers.

Engagement Guidelines: Stick to your area of expertise. Provide unique, individual perspectives on what’s going on at your workplace and in the world. Post meaningful, respectful comments. When disagreeing with others’ opinions, be polite.

Transparancy: Customers, Prospects, Partners and Competitors are all sharing the same conversational space. Prospects trust consumers more than you. Be authentic – the world is watching

Duration: All phases of the customer life cycle: Awareness, engagement, education, pitch, negotiation, deployment, support, product research, customer feedback, market and competitive intelligence, and then repeat. These public conversations will be archived as long as the web is searchable.

Letting go: The people that use social media services are in charge. Consumers have been using social media long before businesses. The more an organization tries to control the conversation the less effective it will be

Measure Success: Unlike other campaigns, measuring social media success begins by asking more questions: Did we learn something about our customers that we didn’t know before? Did our customers learn something about us? Were we able to engage our customers in new conversations? Do our employees have an effective new tool for external feedback and reputation management? Terms such as Engagement, Participation, and Attention are rising. Qualitative responses are what is important, not Quantitative page views or downloads.

Retail integrat: Facebook integrated product search.

Responsibilities: Be human online (and offline). Manage & integrate social content (Blogs, Twitter, YouTube). Participate in conversations; even if they are critical or accusatory. Collaborate with internal stakeholders like legal, customer support, Geek Squad, product management and others