Whether you are having your website designed from scratch, or making use of a pre-designed theme, you will need to end up with a website that performs well for your business. These days every company who has a hope of surviving needs a web presence. It is one of the non-negotiable rules of the 21st century.

For many of your new and prospective customers, your website will be their first impression of your company and their first interaction with you. This is a make or break opportunity to convert a visitor into a potential customer down the road. When you view it in this light, suddenly the importance of having an effective website rises significantly.

What can you do to make your website more effective?

Here are only a few of the many tips you can follow to achieve a more effective website design:

  • Focus on value: Any great business is built on the foundation of a strong value proposition. The entire purpose of your site should be to drive home your value proposition to your customers. Do this by shifting the focus away from you and onto your customer.
  • Minimal distractions: An important thing to ask is – where does the visitor go next? If there are many calls to action, or too many links in the navigation area, your user’s attention will be diverted into too many different directions. They will have a hard time figuring out where to go when they should instead by focusing on the many benefits that your product or service has to offer.
  • Optimise your calls to action: Everything on your site should be designed around the “funnel.” This is the path that the visitor will follow from the landing page to converting the visitor into a paying subscriber or customer, ultimately.

These are a few of the tips you can follow to help your website perform better. Contact WSI OMS to learn more about affordable and effective website design in South Africa.

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