One thing we hear from almost all of our clients is that they want a simple web design. “First and foremost, it needs to be simple” – usually followed by other synonyms such as “fresh” and “crisp”. Then we explain to them why they don’t.

Now don’t get us wrong, we know that by “simple”, you actually mean easy to use, easy to navigate and definitely not cluttered. The reason why we say you don’t want a simple web design is because a lot goes into creating an easy to use, easy to navigate and visually appealing website that not only looks great and works across all browsers, but also across all the different platforms that people are using to surf the web.

In the past, we could design and develop intricate sites (which include shopping carts, Paypal integration, search engine optimisation and a number of other customised plug-ins) within a short space of time. This was mainly because there were one or two browsers and most people were visiting their sites from their desktop computer at work. Today, there are many different browsers to take into consideration and even more platforms (such as iPads and phones) – and many of these things affect how your website looks and functions.

Need a website that can work on any platform and look great in any browser? Contact WSI OMS today.

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