Your business undoubtedly uses a Facebook page as part of its online marketing strategy and while all of Facebook’s changes have made it more challenging to run such a page, there are things you can do to supercharge your page and make it have an impact on your target audience. You will find this particular social media platform offers a loyal group of followers and with a bit of effort you can maximise your social presence and reap the rewards.

Below are a few tips to supercharging your Facebook page:

·       Post regularly and be brand relevant – ensure you always have something of interest to offer your fans which is related to your actual brand. Newsfeeds change and update constantly so be consistent with your posts. You can use the “insights” feature to check which days and times are the most popular for your page. Using Likealyzer is also a good way to get advice on when and how to post.

·       Mix it up a little to create visual interest – don’t just stick to text ads. Make things interesting for your audience with videos, links and photos and similar.

·       Stay current – while you need to ensure your posts are related to your product or services, keep up to date with local news, holidays, sports events and similar. Try to mention or make posts relevant to these too.

·       Customize your graphics – always use photo dimensions that will preview well. The best size is 940 x 788 pixels. Also try to include a call to action when using graphics. This can be a telephone number, website address, email address or similar.

·       Facebook ads – don’t be afraid to use Facebook ads and sponsored links. They will earn you greater visibility and they have a successful hit rate.

·       Keep things fresh – take the time to change your cover photo and profile photo regularly. Keep it interesting and current. Fans will notice your presence more.

·       Engage with your audience – when posting, ask open ended questions and encourage fans to give their opinions and advice. Starting a conversation that could end in a lengthy discussion is a great way to get your post noticed on a newsfeed.

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