If one of your goals with your internet marketing strategy is to increase sales from targeted traffic, then you should consider creating an optimized blogging campaign to get more out of your website. If you own a blog, the best thing you can do is to keep the content interesting and engaging so that targeted visitors will keep coming back to learn more. Activity and engagement attracts Google and this can increase your organic website rankings.

Everyone is always talking about the different types of blog marketing campaigns and strategies that you can use to attract a targeted audience to your website, but keep in mind that you need to find a way to connect with your readers, and make them take an action.

Find below two ways that you can use to get results with your blog.

Keyword research

Experiment and select different ways to connect with your visitors by using different keywords that can help you target specific audiences, and what answers they are looking for on the web.

You can use the free Google Keyword Tool to find relevant and high ranking keywords based on the terms that users are entering on Google search. You can track how often the keyword or keyword phrases are search for per month, and you can then write your blog post around these selected keywords. Not only will you attract more visitors to the content of your blog, you will also attract the search engines if your content is unique and well written. A word of advice: don’t over use the keywords in your content and a simple rule of thumb is to use the keyword not more than once every 100 words.

The most  important part is choosing the right keywords and phrases that your targeted audience will use when they are searching online for answers.

Lead capture

Various lead capturing methods can help you establish a relationship with your readers. Include lead capture information on your blog such as anchor text, banners, and opt in subscription boxes. Your goal should be to get your readers contact information. This will help you build a network and relationship with email nurturing campaigns. Setup auto responders and lead nurturing campaigns to help you build a strong relationship with your visitors and to help you stay connected with them.

Every business blog has different needs so an optimized blogging strategy that supports your other marketing campaigns can help you achieve your goals.

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