In a perfect world, we would all be the people behind our company’s social media brands. We would all probably be the people doing the accounting, admin and calling our clients each month too. As a business owner, I know exactly how hard “growing pains” can be and outsourcing isn’t always an easy decision.

While some business owners would rather outsource other aspects of their business and handle their social media marketing themselves, others find it too time consuming. Whether you’re already handling your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other updates or you’re still simply contemplating your presence on these websites – here are some signs you should look out for that will show you if you should rather be outsourcing this task:

You’ve just launched your strategy

A social media consultant can go a long way in helping you establish goals and showing you how to use these websites. This doesn’t mean you should necessarily be handing over the reins of your accounts – it means that getting a professional to help you set out a clear plan and strategy will help you avoid a number of pitfalls.

You’re disappointed with the results you’ve been getting

If you’ve kick-started your social media marketing, followed relevant people in your industry (and your existing client base), posted relevant blogs and content but you’re not getting any feedback or involved in any conversations – it might be a sign that you should outsource to the pros. There aren’t “tricks” or fool-proof plans, but social media experts will be able to post the right content and comment on the right posts to get you noticed.

You’ve hired someone to take care of your social media accounts

It might seem absurd to hire social media services if you’ve just hired an in-house social media person, but unless your new team member is a specialist, he or she will benefit greatly from professional assistance. New tools, platforms and best practices evolve on a daily basis and your team member should have social media pros guiding them along the way.

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