If you are sending out email newsletters and campaigns, then you are undoubtedly getting reports and analytics on how your campaigns are performing. One question that people often ask us is whether they should remove people from their email lists if they have never opened an email from you.


Once you’ve had an email list for any length of time, you’re going to have some people on there who have stopped engaging or stopped opening your emails. This is only natural as not everyone is a perfect fit for what you have to offer. However, before you go and delete half of the people on your email list (one that you have worked so hard to build over the years), give these dormant subscribers a push to stick around.


One thing that we recommend is to do a ‘re-engagement email campaign’ to try to reconnect with these email subscribers. This is usually a five to nine email sequence where you do something a little out of the ordinary.


Ask people if they want to stick around. With some enticing subject lines and headings, and even perhaps a great freebie, you can get your audience members back to open and click on your emails.


Once you have run a re-engagement series of emails, it’s time to remove disengaged people from your list. Continuing to send emails to people who don’t open them can hurt your deliverability.


A good strategy is to save email addresses that you have stopped emailing on a regular basis. You can use this list for occasional affiliate offers or occasional email promotions instead of sending them communication on a regular basis.


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