It is important to have more than one person assigned to manage your Facebook business page in case the profile of the person who created the page is ever compromised. Under the Page Roles tab in Settings, you can choose different roles such as Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, Analyst and Live Contributor. These roles give people varying degrees of access to page functions. Include at least two administrators to manage all aspects of the page and add the rest of the roles as needed.

Under page settings, you can set the public’s ability to tag photos, post to your page, and reach out to you via private message. Allowing people to post to your page and tag photos is a great way to allow your online community to interact with your brand, but this may require a lot of moderation. Consider whether you will have a full-time moderator checking the content to your page before you enable this setting. We would advise disabling this feature if you are not able to moderate your Facebook business page daily.

If you choose to allow people to post to your page, you can take pre-emptive measures to filter out inappropriate content or posts. The Profanity Filter in the settings tab blocks offensive language. Under the Page Moderation setting, you can block specific words so that comments and posts including these words are automatically marked as spam. If you see a competitor with an impressive Facebook strategy, you can learn from them by using the feature “Pages to Watch”, which is located under the Insights tab.

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