Many small to medium sized businesses aren’t implementing successful content marketing strategies. The problem is that their goals either aren’t realistic, or they are not clearly defined.

If you’ve ever started to blog or create content, you will know how time-consuming this can be. After the first initial posts, your stream of ideas (and willingness to sit and write at night) start to dwindle.

Many business owners falsely believe that by creating content, customers will magically appear in their store. Fact remains there are few blogs that convert visitors into clients within their first, second or even third visit.

Content marketing is an ongoing process and its main goal is usually relationship building and building trust online. In fact, there’s no greater way to achieve trust online – but you need to be smart about it.

While many business owners will agree that building online relationships with their ideal customer is definitely one of their goals, there are a few other goals you should earmark for you content strategy. Here are a few examples:

  • Bring new leads to your website
  • Forge deeper relationships with your existing clients and prospects
  • Be seen as a thought leader in your industry
  • Give advice, How To’s and tips so that you can help your online community educate themselves
  • Increase customer satisfaction by adding more value to the client relationship

If you’re struggling to justify the investment of content for your business, it might be time to redefine your goals or hire consultants to create a content plan and a content calendar that shows you how to execute your plan.

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