Writing Search Engine Optimized copy is rewarding, but there’s nothing rewarding about putting in the effort to do keyword research and edit your pages – only to realise that you’re not being noticed on the internet!

A sure fire formulae to put you on the SEO map is pretty easy though. With a bit of trial and error these tips will help you get your SEO up and running and pretty much help you get the ratio correct:

SEO writing tips

First and foremost, your keyword density is of paramount importance. The same as spoon feeding a child, we will be spoon feeding Google the information you would like them to have.

Give or take, your keywords should be at least seven percent of your content. If you are writing a 300 word article, then about twenty one of those should be keywords.

Bolding is important, too. One keyword per article should be in bold, but the keywords used should be different.

Search Engine Optimization Example

A good example would be, say, if you are doing an SEO piece on vehicle finance. The first paragraph would have the words vehicle finance bolded, the second paragraph would contain the synonym financing for your car, which you would bold. The third sentence, say, would have vehicle finance again, which will then be bolded once more, the fourth and fifth a repeat…got the picture?

When finished writing, the word vehicle finance would be repeated a few times, but the key word (and bolding) is not repeated all the time.

This way we prevent making the article too spammy.

Repeating the keywords two or here times each is a good idea, but don’t bold them each and every time.

Writing a good article first, then easing your keywords into the article is a good strategy to writing SEO.

Always stick to the main theme of the article otherwise it will be ranked as something entirely different.

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