There is no denying that Google’s AdWords Enhanced Campaigns offers some of the best new SEO tools available for online marketing purposes, but if you are not an IT genius that keeps up to date with the latest developments, understanding what they are and how to utilize them correctly can be tricky.

It is therefore advisable to get in contact with experts like WSI who know all there is to know when it comes to AdWords Enhanced Campaigns. They will ensure that all aspects are considered and that you don’t end up wasting your time and money. However, for those of you who still like to know what’s going on or want to get a head start, here is a little information on the best new features:

One of the best new features of the Enhanced Campaigns is a function called geo-bidding. This function makes it possible for you to see how many people have been looking you up in specific regions over the past months or years and allows you to edit the location info for your AdWords account to focus on those regions.

The enhanced AdWords Keyword Tool now also makes it easier to find the right keywords you should utilise. It even goes as far as suggesting keywords best suited for your campaign.

It has also become easier to keep an eye on your conversion rates and a new function called ‘call conversion tracking’ makes it easy to identify just how many of your clients’ or potential clients’ website visits were converted into calls.

There are also new ad formats to be considered if you don’t want your account to look like it’s old and forgotten and waiting to be deleted.

It is probably a good idea in any case to enlist the help of experts and so ensure your company gets the most out of these Enhanced Campaigns.

So contact us today if you need our help or if you want more info our SEO services and AdWords Enhanced Campaigns.

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