Some people dread having to directly ask for links. While link building is a crucial part of any SEO strategy, it can be a mammoth task when you get to the nuts of bolts of making a list of authority websites and contacting each one to suggest a link sharing opportunity.


Even if you are regularly producing great content that you want people to link to, it’s not uncommon to dislike the outreach process involved with getting links (and it’s even less common to have a high success rate, too). Luckily, there are ways to earn links without having to directly say: “Hey, will you please link to this?”


One way to avoid directly having to ask for a link is to find a relevant piece of content on the web, locate the author, and tell that that you have something that they will probably use. This tactic works very well with journalists or bloggers who write about a specific topic. Instead of asking them for a link, you can show them that a piece of content that you have created will be valuable for them, their readers or people like them.


Another tactic is known as the ‘let me help you with that tactic’. If you are aware of industry sites, writers or journalists who regularly publish content on a specific topic, offer to help them achieve their goal. You can frame your request along the lines of being a reader as well as a thought leader on the topic, and you would like to help them achieve their goals by producing content that they can link to.


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