Blogging is a two level marketing strategy. With a business blog, by writing unique informative blog posts you can reach a group of interested readers that traditional marketing and your website couldn’t reach. With a blog you can generate a tremendous number of valid backlinks to your website and blog.

Blog links

Blogging is a powerful linking strategy. If you add unique and fresh content on a regular basis, you will be rewarded by the search engines with a more frequent updating and spidering of your organic SEO results. Content is king. Not only in internet marketing, but with blog marketing as well.

Usually, bloggers are generous linkers that will readily link back to the materials they have found. They can also create permanent links (permalinks) to their regularly read blogs from their home page.

A typical blogger creates posts on a regular bases. Blog writers that reads and responds to these posts and find them interesting and relevant will usually link to the original link of the blog posting called a “permalink”. This can provide a valuable one way backlink to the blog in what is called ““deep linking”.” Deep linking helps the entire blog website be elevated in importance with organic SEO results.

For blog marketing to be effective, the content must be fresh and interesting enough to attract readers and be good enough to get other bloggers to link to the postings. This is why blog postings are so highly valued by the search engines.

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