google-webmaster-toolsSEO reporting is an essential element in website analytics. With Google Analytic’s online reporting tools, you can collect and measure huge amounts of data to help optimise your website. Without tools like these, it would be almost impossible to accurately find out who is visiting your website, for how long and with what results.

Finding out how well your website is doing means regularly mining through massive amounts of data and trying to turn it into accurate marketing strategies – a nightmarish task at the best of times! Google’s online reporting tools simplify and streamline this process, giving you valuable data quickly in a manageable, easy-to-digest format.

With these SEO reporting tools you can find out how your website is performing with a few clicks of a button. You can see how well your advertising campaigns are doing by using the SEO reporting tool before and after your campaign launches. You can also see your email response rates, direct mail campaign data, performance data and even sales and lead information. You can even pinpoint possible issues with website design though finding out how many people are using various browsers to access your site. If your Chrome hits are far lower than any other browser, you may have a compatibility issue that would otherwise have gone unnoticed, costing you potential customers.

This data is essential to finding out exactly which sector of the population is coming to your website and viewing your products. If you are not reaching your target audience, you can use this data to see where you should be expanding your resources and where you are potentially wasting them. All of this will help you to turn views into paying customers by making sure that your website and marketing campaigns are working to their optimal capacity and reaching the right people.

To find out more about website analytics and how SEO reporting can help you optimise your website and get you real returns on your investment, contact WSI today.

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