It is not that hard to find a web design company or to find website developers to develop your online application according to your needs. The question is…do they understand search engines? Do they know how to optimize your website and make it search engine friendly? Do they really understand Search Engine Optimization?

So you told your web design company that you would like to appear on the search engines. Great, now what? It’s not an accomplishment if you type in your company name in the search engines and you are ranked number 1. How can this benefit you? If people already knew your company name why not just type in your URL to browse to your site (if they knew your URL of course).

What if you were ranked on the first page on the search engines for the keywords your company relates to? If you were, people would find you without typing in your company name on the search engines but by searching for relevant keywords and keyword phrases that you are targeting.

Search Engine Optimization is vital

Most web designers/developers don’t know the critical information regarding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the vital role it plays when designing/developing a new site. SEO needs to be taken in consideration from the first moment when the development for your site has begun.

Most of the factors like met content, title tags, headings, keywords, meta descriptions, content, image tags, linking structure, xml sitemaps, etc plays an important role in the on page optimization of your website.

SEO doesn’t consist of just on page optimization. Off page SEO plays a bigger part than most think. Off page SEO consists of article submissions, press releases, social bookmarking, back links, etc. All of these factors needs to be in place if you want people to know about your website.

My site looks great!

What is the point if you have the greatest, nicest looking website and no one knows about it? It is the same as if you had an expensive new sports car and it just stood in your garage because you don’t have fuel to drive it.

If you are in the process of designing / developing a new site, I strongly suggest that you speak to your web designer about this and to make sure that they understand SEO and Search Engine Marketing. Your website should be build from the start with on and off page SEO in mind.

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