There’s a couple of mistakes that can completely destroy your search engine rankings. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital to get good rankings and to stay at the top of the search engine result pages. Using any of the techniques listed below, can ruin your rankings significantly and you can lose your precious spot on the search engines.

Find below a couple of tips that you should never implement on your website or blog.

No text content

Most search engines filters the text found on your content pages to determine what the specific page is about.  Simply said, if there’s no next visible, the search engines can’t index it. Some website designers will use text on pictures to get the message across. These images may look stunning but, the search engines can’t read these images.

Flash only websites

Flash only websites cannot be indexed by the search engines as these sites are usually compiled in a single flash file and not HTML that the search engines love. Think of Flash as any other image. There is no text to read by the search engines on these sites. Once again it is the absence of text that can hurt your rankings.

Splash pages

This used to be the trend 10-15 years ago.  These are the pages when someone first enters your website and they usually only contain an image and a link or a button that reads “Enter” to browse to your content. Search engines tend to give more value to the home page of your website than any other page on your site. Splash pages are a complete waste of the most valuable asset of your website.


If your website consists of frames, this is bad.  The same with “Splash pages”, this also used to be the trend back in the day.  The problem with Frames is that it’s usually a couple of pages that gets referenced into one frame.  I’m not talking about dynamic websites here but the actual using of the “Frame” component of HTML.  For example, you will have a seperate page for your menu header, seperate page for the footer, seperate page for your content, etc.

These are then called using an HTML frame page.  The problem with this is that each page will be seen as a seperate entity and not as one.  Your menu header might be indexed by the search engines and when a user visits your “Menu Header”, they won’t be able to view the rest of the page because they are referenced only in the “Frame” that keeps them together.

I will write a follow up post regarding Frames

Website builders

These are usually the websites you can build for free online using some sort of a generator.  You don’t have any access to the physical “Meta” content of the website and sometimes you won’t be able to any on page SEO.  These website builders includes special purpose sites such as insurance agent, mortgage and real estate websites.

There’s a couple of other things you can do to hurt your SEO rankings and I will write a couple of follow up articles to explain these.  In the meantime, if you know of anything that can hurt your rankings, list them below and I will update the blog post.

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