With so many myths circulating in Blogs and forums on the Web, what are the most important SEO factors today? I have chosen 3 SEO factors that I feel are very important if you want to succeed in SEO in the present day.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is where you should start before you do anything else with your client’s website. It will focus you in the right direction and will help you to get acquainted with your clients products or services and what prospects are searching for on the Internet. Relevant keywords must be inserted into the content of the website, all the while avoiding Black Hat SEO tactics like keyword stuffing.

An equally important point, when you are building backlinks to the website, you should concentrate on using your keyword in titles and hyperlinks.

Content Writing

OneĀ  must always remember that the Internet is the Information Superhighway. This means that people are online in order to find and consume information. If a popular search engine like Google sees your website as a resource website then it will achieve a higher ranking on the search engine. How does one go about having a resource site you ask? By writing reams of reliable content that is original. As the SEO saying goes “Content is King“. It can be a tiresome and time-consuming process to build a resource website, however, the rewards that will follow in the form of search engine rankings are well worth the effort.

Link Building

  • Internal Links

Link keyword phrases within your website to corresponding content within other parts of your website. This helps the search engine Bots to index your content quickly because it finds your website easier to crawl. Just having a sitemap is not enough nowadays – I suggest using internal linking in conjunction with a sitemap.

  • External Links

All quality links that lead into your website from external web addresses via keywords (called anchor text) will ensure a high ranking in Google. Obviously, link building is also a process that takes time, but is certainly worth the effort. Always remember to link to relevant content or else the exercise is frutiless.

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