If you are posting video content on YouTube as part of your content marketing strategy, you will obviously want those videos to be seen by as many potential customers as possible. However, just like you need to put effort into SEO to see an improvement in your website rankings, you will need to do the same in order to rank well on YouTube. Below, we discuss three useful tips to help you generate the results that you want. 

Keyword Research 

You can already see how similar SEO for YouTube is to regular website SEO – it also begins with thorough keyword research. You need to ascertain what people are typing into the YouTube search bar when they are looking for video content like yours. Find keyword ideas simply by using YouTube’s Search Suggest feature. For instance, if you are creating videos about content marketing, start by typing in ‘content marketing’ and watch as the suggestions pop up, like ‘content marketing strategy’ and ‘content marketing 2020’. 

Choosing the Best Keyword

Do not just opt for the first relevant keyword that YouTube’s Search Suggest feature recommends, especially if your channel does not have many subscribers. In order to see a jump in rankings, you should start by targeting popular keywords that are also low competition keywords. How do you find this out? Type the keyword in question into the Google search bar as follows: “your keyword:youtube*”. Right at the top of the results, you will be able to see how many YouTube videos are currently optimised for that keyword. Ideally, you only want to target a keyword that has a result of five or fewer digits. 

Keep Viewers Watching 

High retention or how long you can keep viewers watching a particular video, is a massive SEO ranking factor for YouTube. So, in other words, focus on creating content that is both relevant, interesting and shareable!

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