Business blogs should always use special SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to get fast results.  Blogs (Web 2.0) have a great advantage over standard websites because of the amount of new and fresh content being generated and search engines adores them.

Find below a couple of Search Engine Optimization blogging tips to optimize your blog.

Keyword research

The first step in any website/blog optimization is choosing the correct keywords and keyword phrases. This is the foundation that all the other strategies are built upon.  Research which keywords you will be targeting and use these in your titles, category names, tags and even the domain name.

Domain name

There are quite a couple of factors to keep in mind when selecting a domain name. Using keywords/phrases in the domain name is a powerful technique. This can also make your URL (blog address) more memorable so people can easily return.

Blog theme

Blog SEO is no different than normal SEO.  If you want higher search engine rankings in Google, Yahoo or Bing, it’s important to stay with a highly focused blog theme and topic. Never mix your topics because it can hurt your rankings.


Always write keyword rich posting titles. It almost goes without saying, but the post title is the most important part of your blog posts. The title is considered very important to the search engines and it will entice your readers.

Keyword rich content

Research and identify a couple of keywords for your article that you are hoping to get indexed highly by the search engines. Use these keywords 1-2 times in the first few paragraphs and not just in the ending paragraphs. Search engines places more value on the phrases found in the first part of the posting.

Quality content

You can find many link generating systems on the web but the best way to get links to your blog is to write quality unique content that people will want to read and that they find interesting. Write for humans but keep the search engines always in mind.

Inbound linking

Links that point to a website is one of the most powerful ways of climbing the search engine result pages.  In fact, I believe it is the most important factor.  Link the keywords you have chosen to the most relevant page on your website. This can boost your website rankings on the search engines.

Interlink your blog

This is the way search engines indexes your blog.  Provide some sort of site map with links that are directly accessible.  A good strategy is by creating a XML sitemap for search engines and a normal HTML sitemap for your readers.

Update regularly

The more often that you update your blog and create new content on it the more often search engines and other blog Aggregators will send crawlers to your blog to index it.

Write optimal length posts

There is some thought going around the Search Engine Optimization community that pages that are too short can get passed over for high rankings. Rubbish! I tend to keep my blog postings between 350-700 words. It doesn’t matter how long your postings are as long as it’s quality keyword content.

One topic per post

The more tightly focused the theme of a page is,  the better search engines can rank it. Sometimes you might find yourself writing long posts that end up covering a a number of different topics.  Keep it focused and to the point.

Blogging is a great way to boost your Search Engine Optimization rankings. Leave a comment below if you require more information regarding blogging or SEO.

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