WordTracker offers an excellent Firefox plugin called SEO Blogger.  This Firefox plugin allows you to search for keywords while you are writing articles on your blog.  This can help you choose the right long tail keywords, search phrases and the right titles that people are actually search for. All this can be done without leaving the blog post that you are busy writing. If you are familiar with Search Engine Optimization, you will know that carefully selected keywords is always a must in promoting your content.

Once installed, just enter the shortcut (CTRL+SHIFT+W) and a window pops open allowing you to do a quick keyword search that can include suggested keyword phrases and the number of searches for your selected keywords and phrases.

By optimizing your blog articles you are using a power technique that all the top SEO blogger’s use. This method can give you the traffic and the increased search engine rankings you are looking for. Once again keywords and keyword phrases is the heart of using this Search Engine Optimization tool.  Same with any other SEO method.

By posting regularly on your blog is part of the equation. Even more important is posting relevant keyword rich content that can drive traffic.  SEO Blogger gives you a method of instantly comparing keywords and find out which ones are the best. This tool will make your blogging life easier if you want to create rich keyword driven content.

Blogging SEO keyword tips

  • Select your phrases that are highly relevant to your blogging message and the topic of the article.
  • Search for phrases that have a high search ranking volume.
  • You can always have more related secondary phrases but always choose one primary phrase for your posting.
  • Use this primary keyword phrase in your blog title.
  • Use this primary keyword phrase in the first 50 words of your article. Prominence is always important.  Search engines tend to give higher importance to the first section of your blog than the last.
  • Use these selected phrases in the categories of the blog posts as well as the “tags”.
  • Emphasise these keywords by using text such as italicized, bold, numbered list, bulleted lists or larger fonts.
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