When it comes to web design, you want a website that has many functions: performs well in search engine rankings, gives your audience the information they’re looking for, generates leads for your business and is easily searched using social media sites such as Twitter. SEO plays a large role in the overall design of your website and whether you’re starting from scratch and creating a brand new site, or you’re re-doing your existing site, integrating SEO tactics into how you build your site is a must. Here are our SEO best practices for web design:

  • Website structure. The structure of your site is one of the most important factors in SEO and it’s all about how well your web pages link together. All site pages should link to other pages and the flow should be logical and coherent. Don’t allow isolated or random pages to exist on your site. Users should be able to click through every page with ease.
  • Meta descriptions. These are small pieces of text on each search page which give an overview of what each page is about. Generally 160 characters or less, it gives you a chance to include keywords and phrases your audience searches for and to give a descriptor about the page. Don’t give two different pages the same meta description.
  • Absolute URLs for internal linking. There are two types of links, absolute and relative. Absolute links reduce server response time and contribute to a quick load time. It’s crucial that each page of your website loads as quickly as possible, or else you risk losing visitors.

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