To have a business blog is very different than a personal blog.  A business blog is done with a purpose. The marketing of this can be used as a powerful tool to improve website search engine rankings and increase targeted website traffic. More targeted traffic could only mean more business or sales leads


Search Engine Optimization is all about improving the rankings of your website in popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.  You can also SEO optimize your blog to bring more traffic to it.  This is easy to do by using targeted keywords and key phrases in your blog titles, blog categories and in the first paragraph of your blog text.


Some believe the online social media phenomena started with the birth of blogs.  You can use your blog to raise the rankings of your business website. This is particularly effective if your blog is situated on the same domain as your website eg

Even though it could also have benefits by hosting your blog on a separate domain, I have noticed that by combining the two on the same domain, you are indeed pushing the rankings up for the whole domain.

Blogging involves writing keyword rich content that is creative, compelling and original.  Keywords are still used in the blog titles and categories and this also helps distinguishing if your content is relevant.

By using keyword phrases in the link text of your blog post and linking back to your website that is the most relevant is a very effective SEO method that can produce SEO results fast.

How many links should you include in a blog post? 3-5 links is a typical number of links.  Be sure to include the occasional links to high PR authority websites such as Wikipedia. This could speed up the process of crawling your blog posts by the search engines.

Blogs traditionally have a large number of postings focused on a particular topic.  The page code is often text rich HTML, and very clean.  Blogs are usually written in a simple, easy to spider format making them an excellent natural SEO tool that cannot be ignored.

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