Want higher SEO rankings for your website? Then be sure to check out these two issues that may be damaging your rankings:

  1. Posting Too Much Content

Google doesn’t want you to publish content just for the sake of publishing content. Gary Illyes from Google recently said that Google actually prefers fewer but better-quality pages. The quality over quantity approach is the key behind some of the most popular blogs on the internet.

If you’re going to reduce the amount of content that you publish, then you need to make sure that each and every blog post you publish is great. If your site has a lot of pages that don’t provide any value, then you need to start removing them. These pages are often referred to as ‘zombie pages’ by digital marketers. Zombie pages can include:

  • Old blog posts
  • Old press releases
  • Search results pages
  • E-commerce product pages that don’t get any sales
  • Pages with duplicate content
  1. Technical Issues That Can Damage Your SEO

There are literally hundreds of technical problems that can impact your SEO. Here are some of the most common technical issues that could be affecting your SEO:

  • Duplicate or missing title tags
  • Duplicate description tags
  • Broken links
  • Images with missing alt text
  • Pages blocked by Robots.txt
  • 302 redirects that should be 301 redirects

How can you go about finding these technical errors on your site? SEMRush’s site audit tool will help you find and fix these types of on-site issues. This tool will crawl your site and let you know about any technical issues that could be damaging your SEO results.

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