As a web designer, you are probably tasked with a variety of projects that aren’t exactly “design” related. While you may not be too involved in the copywriting part of your responsibility might be to ensure that e-mail newsletters glide through spam filters and display correctly in Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and so forth. Besides focusing on intricate, crisp newsletter designs, it’s important to know what factors influence the bounce rate of your newsletter.

Here are some simple tips to follow to lower your newsletter’s bounce rate:

If you use Dreamweaver, turn off the inline styles option

If you save various fonts (such at Times New Roman 10 pt) as a specific style in Dreamweaver(such as “Style_2”), you need to turn off this feature when creating a newsletter. While the feature may be convenient for creating web pages, a number of email clients won’t necessarily recognise this style when they open your newsletter, making the text and fonts look odd.

Use <br> instead of <p> for line breaks

Ever received an e-mail newsletter that was just one huge chunk of text, deprived of paragraphs and line break? This is because many of the programs used to build e-mail newsletters don’t recognise sentences that are separated by a <p> tag. Rather use line breaks <br> to ensure that all the paragraphs aren’t grouped together.

Send out a test copy

When you send out a proof of the e-mail newsletter, send it to your Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail and other e-mail addresses so you can see what it looks like. You might be surprised to see how the look of the newsletter can differ when opening it from different accounts.

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