Every web designer will experience designer’s block at some stage – whether they are uninspired by the work they’ve been contracted to do, or simply have no idea where to start. Luckily, the Internet is awash with inspirational resources that can help inspire and challenge you. Here is a list from a professional web design company of the top 5 sources of inspiration:

  1. CSS galleries. This is essentially a showroom for the most attractive, high quality website designs. Getting your website published here increases your brand visibility, and browsing other designer’s expertly crafted websites can be a great source of inspiration. 
  2. Social news communities. These news aggregators will help you to condense all the information you are searching for into a well-organised stream. While some news communities concentrate on technical issues that include programming and development, there are many that have useful design information. Here, you can find everything from free source code to inspirational blogs.
  3. Dribbble. This highly effective marketing network has a “popular section” that is packed with innovative design, website and mobile information that should give you the inspiration you are looking for. You can even use this tool to meet with other talented artists to share ideas and tips!
  4. Premium Pixels. This website is a useful site for sourcing free pattern files, PDSs and brushes. It is easy to navigate and the range of available resources is enormous, allowing you to get creative without costing you a cent.
  5. Awwwards. This site has a great gallery that showcases the best in modern web design trends. These websites are carefully evaluated to ensure that they are of the best quality, making them a very useful resource.

Your designer’s block should vanish with these resources at your fingertips, leaving you brimming with exciting new design concepts!

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