SEO (Search engine optimization) involves many technical aspects and many people get too caught up in the detail.  With search engine optimization there are basically only two things that you should always focus on – backlinks and keywords.  Everything else can be a distraction.

It really doesn’t matter at all if you are an expert or a beginner at SEO.  It also doesn’t matter if you are tuning up your existing website or just starting from scratch.  Always keep your attention on backlinks and keywords and then measure your results.  It is really this easy.


Select and research keywords that are relevant to what you do. Many people starting out with SEO select keyword phrases with high search volumes first and then relevancy second.  Make sure that relevancy is your first priority.  If you attract a visitor to your site, they won’t stay and take action if you don’t provide them what they are looking for.  Use the keywords you have selected visibly and prominently on your website.  Don’t just use them in the META tags – this is a topic for another blog post!


Getting incoming backlinks from other websites are very important in any search engine optimization effort.  Quality backlinks from relevant websites signals the search engines that your website is very important and it should be looked at.  Using the keywords you have selected in the anchor text of links tell the search engines what the website page is about.


Track and measure your major metrics at least once a month.  Check for the number of pages that are indexed, the number of valid backlinks, your domain and homepage authority with Open Site Explorer. Also look at various other metrics such as your actual rankings on the search engines.  By measuring your website on the web, you will be able to see areas of improvement.

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