These days employees are taking on more responsibilities and hours of the day never seem to be long enough. Spending time on copywriting activities is still one of the most important online marketing activities since you need to keep churning out constant and fresh new content.

To develop a blog with a loyal following, you will need to stick to these simple four rules:

  • Getting post ideas;
  • Writing your blog post;
  • Publish the post during the busiest internet-traffic part of the day;
  • Promote your post.

You will have to be obsessively compulsive about perfecting each of these steps in your checklist. When you have a clear strategy as to how to go about taking care of your copywriting and how to effectively bring it to your audience, you will already start to save time with your writing activities.

Here’s an overview of other successful companies’ post publishing processes:

  • Write your post’s SEO and meta descriptions. If you’re stuck for inspiration, make use of Scribe for great suggestions on how to improve your post’s SEO score.
  • Schedule your post’s social media broadcast in Hootsuite for both Facebook and Twitter.
  • Get more traction from your Twitter posts by scheduling it for 9AM, 12PM and 7PM.
  • Use Oktopost to schedule your LinkedIn updates, as it makes it easier to update both your timeline and LinkedIn Groups.

Many companies who have consistently followed a checklist similar to this have enjoyed great success over time. Using a checklist like this will also make obvious the areas that can be automated to enjoy the same results in less time.

Without using a copywriting checklist it can be near impossible to target specific areas that need improvement. If you would like to partner with a leading company in the online marketing arena, contact WSI to discuss all your copywriting needs today.

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