As an SEO expert, I know that agencies are largely reliant on efficient, quality software for monitoring, analysis and reporting of statistics and rankings and that choosing the most appropriate and budget savvy software for this can be quite a challenge. I have found the Advanced Web Ranking and Advanced Link Managerapplications from Caphyon Ltd to both be smart choices for any SEO manager.

In my mind, version 8.6 of Advanced Web Ranking is the seo software tool needed for that hands-on approach to managing SEO customer relationships. I feel that building a strong connection with clients is integral to business success and is based on the delivery of promised services that meet or exceed expectations. Advanced Web Ranking helps me to deliver on these expectations and promises.

Advanced Web Ranking can be used for any sized SEO operation, from a single user website to an international online marketing agency which handles multiple clients globally. Depending on what is required, there are a number of options available, namely the Professional, Standard, Enterprise and Server versions.

WSI uses a pre-defined set of keywords to check rankings across a range of search engines, which provides data on website performance in specified target areas, allowing us to tailor make a more precise marketing approach.

Our clients’ competitor websites can also be monitored, allowing for a more comprehensive analysis of a market sector and we can keep clients continually apprised of what others are doing.

Competitor Keyword Ranking Graph

I have noticed that this software is a popular choice with my colleagues when it comes to optimizing rankings and improving traffic to websites the world over.

Advanced Web Ranking offers interactive and easy to use, real time reports that can be viewed on a desktop or on the website. Whereas in the past, some clients found SEO reports were long and difficult to follow, my clients have advised that they find that Advanced Web Ranking delivers a complete, easily understandable overview of analytics, rankings and linking data. This information can also be manipulated to reveal website position, the visibility of targeted keywords, website traffic, keyword revenue generation and link building profiles.

AWR Overview Report

Overview Report

Designed to mimic the easy to use look and feel of a web based application, Advanced Web Ranking allows SEO companies like WSI to efficiently manage their customers’ campaigns and develop ongoing targeted online marketing strategies. I have found that the program can be used as a simple monitoring tool, integrating with Google analytics but it is really designed for more sophisticated reporting and analysis, with online trend analysis through anchor texts and keyword finders. Notes can also be added to reports, explaining information in detail for clients to see.

Advanced Web Ranking also includes an on-page and off-page optimization tool, which allows me to fill in the SEO content gaps on my clients’ websites and to structure a website that appeals to both viewers and search engine spiders. The Keyword Analysis tool provides information on keyword density and dilution, so I can structure content and correct it for better ranking results. Google’s search queries have recently changed so that they are included in analytics, which in my mind doubly reinforces ranking’s role in SEO. Off-page optimization is achieved through link building and backlinks, done via the Submitter tool which interacts with multiple search engine and website directories.

Another great tool for any serious SEO arsenal is the Advanced Link Manager. This link building solution is designed to intensely analyze the information of links on various domains and produce a report showing the quality and page rank of website linkages. I can work on optimizing a website with targeted keywords and advanced link building, whilst watching what my clients’ market competitors are doing at the same time. Reports can be uploaded for client perusal through an FTP and I am happy to know that data integrity is maintained through strong privacy and security measures.

I useAdvanced Link Manager to track website backlinks, link popularity, link text and indexed pages. I especially enjoy the functionality of a reporting feature that allows for rankings from different geographical locations via proxy servers. This is useful when planning search engine ranking strategies for diverse target markets. I can also integrate multiple users into the software so that collaboration can be achieved across both PC and Mac platforms.

Advanced Link Manager’srobust reports can be exported into a variety of client friendly formats, including PDF, CSV, text, Excel and HTML. These can then be automatically sent using email or an FTP through the software, saving me valuable time. One other useful feature that I have found is site indexation, with the ability to add on domains, sub-domains and search engines and the advanced tools menu includes great features such as a Website Crawler, Google Maps Webpage Importer, a webpage analyzer and a domain quality analyzer.

The Website Crawler is a Xenu alternative which works across platforms and it has the ability to integrate Yahoo and Google site maps into a handy CSV file. I find the Webpage Analyzer to be one of the more popular tools that I use in Advanced Link Manager – problems with websites can be identified and corrected and additional matrixes such as page rankings and URL insertions can be tracked through this functionality.

Advanced Link Manager may not have as much advanced functionality when compared with Advanced Web Ranking but in my opinion, both programs are superb in terms of customer support services, feature requests and continuous version updates. Caphyon Ltd also offers special license deals for blog postings such as this one and bulk buying discounts for larger firms.

Visit to find out more about the above two software applications, as well as others that the company offers, such as Advanced Installer and Advanced Web Stats.

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