We’ve written about the pains and strife involved in getting your blogs out there. You create a candle-lit, calendar-inscribed event out of writing a blog post (because we know this doesn’t happen during the day when the phone is ringing and clients are breathing down your neck), you’ve shared it on social media and you’ve even gone to the effort of finding a relevant picture because you read that your “content needs visuals”. So now what?

If you’re creating good content and want to establish yourself as an industry authority, then you need to repurpose your content. Not only does this help with inbound marketing, but it means that tens of thousands of people could potentially read your blog (and not just your friends and Aunt Edna who troll your Facebook profile relentlessly). Here are a few places to repurpose your content:


The entire goal of Inbound.com’s content repurposing is to help make sure great content gets read by people from all over the world. You can set up a free account and simply post a link to your blog. Well it isn’t that simple. They do have a pretty strict set of guidelines (as any good content repurposing site should), so make sure your blog post fits the bill. Inbound’s guidelines include being “cool” (we could probably help you with that as we’re pretty hip-and-happening) and not writing self-promotional material.

Biz Sugar

If you’ve got a small business and are set up educating your readers, then this is a great place to repurpose your content. The type of articles and blogs that get posted here are generally targeted at small business owners and they include tips, tricks and how-to types of content. Check out Biz Sugar.


Reddit has become increasingly popular over the past few years. What makes this a great content repurposing site is the fact that users submit votes to promote stories to the front page.

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