I often hear copywriters complain that “there’s no news!” when writing for a client in a difficult or boring industry. Saying there’s “no news” isn’t always true – there may be news in the industry, but somebody else has already written about it and SEO copywriters don’t always want to risk producing duplicate content.

Instead of complaining that the client should be supplying you with industry news (if they’re paying a copywriter to update their Latest News page – they probably don’t have the time to spoon-feed somebody content ideas), there are other ways to steal ideas from other sites while ensuring the content is fresh.

Drawing conclusions and finding new relationships

The key to keeping your content ideas new and interesting isn’t becoming an investigative reporter – it’s drawing a relationship between a topic and something you already know about. If you’re writing for a steel manufacturer, for instance, you can take the latest budget speech, find out how much is being awarded to infrastructure development and take it from there.

Recycling old copy is too obvious for news updates, especially for the people who follow the blog or news page. Gaining a different perspective on their industry is simply about discovering a unique connection that the readers didn’t necessarily think of (before your article). It doesn’t always take insider knowledge to provide people from a specific industry with news they would want to read – it’s about improving on your existing copy with a new idea.

One of the best tips is to become an expert in the industry. This doesn’t mean you need to know how steel frame buildings are engineered or how steel cladding is rolled (in the case of the steel manufacturer) but it does mean that you should read everything related to the field. Subscribe to newsletters about the industries you write for and take an hour out of your morning to scan news sites!

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