Reports in the past has shown that 80-90% of all new business websites and blogs will fail to yield successful results. What is even more frightening is that most of these websites could succeed if planned and executed correctly. Why do these new websites fail? What goes wrong?

Find below a couple of reasons some new websites fail.

Design over strategy

Companies often spend most of their time planning how their website design will look. They don’t have a clue who their targeted audience will be or planned their messaging or a “call to action”. A good website design always starts with a strategy. Focus first on creating your stream of leads, online sales or quotation requests.

No Traffic plan

To think that you can only build your website and then visitors will flock to it is not true. It doesn’t work for business websites. Decide and plan your traffic sources such as organic searches, referral traffic or pay per click before you start with the design of your site. Organic Search Engine Optimization is much more effective when designed into a website from the start.

It’s really not about you

Usually the websites that brags about how great you are will quickly turn off visitors. People are searching for solutions to their problems. By boasting your achievements won’t solve your visitors problems. Don’t tell them about your new car, rather how to fix theirs. Organize your website so that the answers are easily found. Avoid industry jargon and use plain english.

Flashy graphics

Most Flash only websites looks cool but they are usually slow loading and search engines can’t index their content. It is ok to use Flash elements in your website for videos, banners, etc mixed with text content. Keep your website simple and focus on solving a problem for your visitor. After all “content is king”.

Low cost design

Don’t hire your best friend to design and develop your business website. They might receive some great experience from it but you can sacrifice your business image and the ability to drive targeted traffic to your website. Hire a professional development firm that is experienced in both development and design and website traffic strategies.

Your website is a powerful business tool if utilized correctly. Don’t let your website fail.

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