There’s millions of websites on the web.  Every company should have a website as people usually want more information regarding a company before they conduct in business with them.  With a optimized website and strategy, you can give real time information to prospective clients.

If you don’t have a website and planning on getting one or if your website doesn’t bring any business leads for you company, there’s a couple of things that must be adhered to make your company a success on the web.

If you only have information about your company or store on your website, don’t expect a flood of business to come to you.  Having a successful website is the same as running a successful business.  A good working website takes planning, strategy and clear execution of tactics.  Your website is an extension of your primary business functions.

Websites usually fail because there is no plan for traffic and no clear action designed for unique visitors to flow to it.

Find a couple of reasons below why websites are not successful.

No business objectives

Every website needs to have a specific set of objectives such as sell products, generate business leads, provide customer support or increasing your visibility and authority. The website then needs to be designed and structured to accomplish these needs.

No traffic strategy

Where will your visitors originate from?  Will you rely only on organic SEO results, pay per click or referral strategies?  Work out a strategy on your visitors and you will want to focus on visitors that will benefit from your products or services.

No Conversion strategy

You most likely have a certain selling sequence in your business that works for you.  You get a prospect’s attention, get them interested and then work to close the sale.  Your website should exactly do the same.  Design a selling sequence onto your website to guide your prospects through it.

No unique interesting content

Focus on unique interesting content that will keep your website visitors reading.  There’s too many websites that only put up some information regarding their business without solving a problem for a visitor.  People search the web for solutions to issues or needs that they have.  Always provide information that answers their questions and needs.

Interaction strategy

How do you communicate with interested prospects?  Tie in some social media strategies such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to start the conversation about your company.  This can also be accomplished by actively participating on your blog.

Your website doesn’t have to be a simple online brochure when it can accomplish so much more.  Your website is business tool so take care of it.  It will most likely be the first interested  prospects views about you.

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