Social selling is a term used to describe a company leveraging its social media presence to engage with its customers and sell to the right people online. Traditionally, sales teams rely on cold calling and e-mails, but with the growing popularity of social media it makes perfect sense to take advantage of the many opportunities it provides.

At WSI we have a team of digital marketing experts who will work with you to establish a social media presence for your company. A substantial social media presence paves the way for social selling and the sooner your sales team is online, the better it will be for your business.

Why turn your team to social selling?

  • You can file prospects into specific categories. Some social media websites like Twitter and LinkedIn allow you to monitor the competition and monitor your customers at the same time, giving you valuable insights into how your competitors attract customers.
  • The sale cycle is shortened with social selling. Social media allows your sales team to monitor what people are saying about your company and gives them the chance to address comments, questions and complaints. Research shows that when customers are ready to speak to a sales rep, they are already 60 to 70% through the buying process.
  • Social selling allows you to build valuable relationships with customers. Best of all, the majority of social and online networks are free to join.

For more information about social selling, or if you want to know more about the broad range of services that WSI provides, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our digital marketing experts can advise you on the best social selling strategies for your business, so give us a call and discover why so many companies partner with us for success.