More people are starting to browse the web with mobile devices as it is now an on the move business tool. Usually when people are not in their offices, they are not near a computer and so they cannot reach you online. This is false! By having a mobile website you are opening your doors to users accessing the web from a mobile device such as a cell phone.

A mobile website can also be part of your internet marketing strategy as it opens up other ways that visitors can reach you.

Most companies have a regular website but not a mobile website. A mobile website (light version of a normal website) is optimized to be viewable on the mobile web and a cell phone. Very few businesses today have a website that can be easily viewed on a mobile phone.

Mobile websites are different from normal websites found on the web. Cell phones have small screens and usually limited abilities and cannot process large websites full of graphics because most websites are developed and designed for the web, not the mobile web. Cell phones requires simpler websites, smaller in size and with few graphics.

A dedicated optimized mobile website is needed if you want your “website” to be displayed on cell phones. Mobile websites are much smaller and usually have fewer pages. The message on your “mobile” pages should also be more focused what your mobile audience wants to know.

The mobile web is much lighter than the normal web. Desktop computers connects to the web through a stable high-speed connection. Cell phones by their nature have to connect on the move. Connections are transferred from cell tower to cell tower and are affected by carrier coverage. This makes it quite limited in bandwidth.

Even though to view your website depends on network coverage, by having one you are enabling yourself to be found easily.

Reasons for having a dedicated mobile website

  • If your company depends on local customers.
  • If your company depends on advertising.
  • If your prospects want to get information on the go.

The mobile web is still young but it is growing fast. To be the leader in your market and niche, it is highly recommended to get a dedicated mobile website. I have been using the mobile web for a couple of years now and we have optimized this blog to be “mobile” ready. Browse to our blog from your cell phone and you will see.

Leave a comment below if you require more information regarding mobile websites.

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