If you have a small business blog it can be heavy on dedicated resources, but it has a number of benefits. With this said, having a blog can be a waste of time for many if you don’t have a proper plan or resources to promote your blog on the social web. With promoting I mean, how are you going to get your blog content in front of readers. Did you know that once you have built up a strong readership base, you can really spend less time promoting the content on your blog, however, in the beginning, promoting your blog content is as important as publishing new and unique content.

How are you going to promote and market the content of your small business blog? If you really have a problem with time resources, then you will have to carefully create a strategy on promoting your blog content to the right readers. You can also promote your blog through Twitter and Facebook. There are many plugins available for your blog that will allow you to publish the title of the blog post together with a link to your Twitter profile automatically. With most blogging platforms you can also automate the pinging process. With pinging, every new blog post that you publish are automatically sent to various web services and blog aggregators notifying them of new content.

Promoting your new blog content on Facebook can only take a few minutes the same as most of the social bookmarking services available such as Digg, Reddit, and Stumbleupon. Many business owners find that some social media channels such as LinkedIn and Tumblr are worth more the effort and Pinterest is now seen as the new kid on the block. If you have videos and images on your blog, this is an excellent social media channel you can use to promote your content.

Reach your target audience

The real key with blog promotion is in your readers (target audience). Who are they? Do you know their demographics? Your best marketing efforts should be targeting the audience you want to reach on the social media channel that they use. Yes, it only takes a few minutes to post your blog post on Facebook, Twitter, and the other social media channels you are using, however, if your target market isn’t on any of these channels, then your time and effort could be better spent somewhere else.

You will find lots of information online on various ways you can promote your blog content. While some of this information can help you, most of the time it is as easy as promoting your blog content on the channels that your target audience are busy using. If you do it this way, you won’t have you time wasted on irrelevant blog marketing.

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