Whether you want to make a living from your writing, or simply add some extra cash to your savings, there are many ways to earn money from doing what you love. Below are some great ways for you to start your career in copywriting.

Ways to make money from writing

  • Sharing content sites. This is a great way to get started because it’s easy and instantaneous. You post your articles on websites such as eHow or Squidoo and they pay you a portion of the advertisement profits on your page.
  • Freelancer portal websites. This is a good way to build up a regular client base as well as flesh out your portfolio. Sign up, start responding to posts and then wait to get given some real copywriting assignments.
  • Community publications. Community publications are always looking for fresh ideas and contributions. Get in touch with your local paper or magazine and find out how you submit contributions. The monetary reward here is not much, but seeing your name in print might be worth it.
  • Comment on blogs and forums. Scan the internet markets for blogs and forums that will pay for your comments and get started. These opportunities come up quite frequently and can add a nice amount to your bank balance.
  • Freelance copywriting. The most important thing here is to market yourself. Companies are always looking for once-off writers to do some writing work for their business, but they won’t know about you unless you make yourself known.

Do your research and get the necessary information and you might be well on your way to a bright future in copywriting.

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