Almost all brands and organisations have a social media presence in this day and age, as it’s become a necessary component of company identity. Merely creating and regularly updating your social media pages isn’t always enough however, and you can greatly benefit from the assistance of WSI’s social media marketing professionals. Our team develops strategies, helps create social buzz, builds online communities and assists you in communicating directly with your entire social media following.

With company budgets stretched tight and the need to make every expense count as much as possible, businesses are discovering the value of hiring professional social media marketers instead of hiring traditional public relations agencies for several reasons:

  • Social media results are measurable. With traditional media coverage, it’s nearly impossible to accurately measure its reach and impact, but there are many software programs that exist to help you monitor, trace and track all of your social media efforts so you know exactly what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Social media allows you to control your message. Whether it’s Facebook posts, tweets, LinkedIn groups or a company blog, your message will remain consistent and on-point when you have a professional team to ensure the right content is posted at the right times.
  • Social media helps create social proof. Social proof is the concept that if someone hears another person speak highly of a company, a product, or a brand, they are likely to try it out for themselves. When your social media followings reflect a happy audience that is appreciative of your brand, others will be curious to know what the fuss is about.

At WSI, we have a team of highly experienced social media marketers who are ready to get to work optimising and managing your social media accounts today. We’ll help you establish a social media presence, reach your target audience and generate meaningful content that accurately reflects your company and everything you stand for.

To learn more about WSI’s social media marketing services, contact us today!

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