Many of our clients are looking for new ways to market their businesses. While we focus on digital marketing campaigns, we also keep an eye on ATL marketing initiatives that can boost sales.

There is almost nothing more powerful than a great product demonstration. Done correctly, it will move the sale forward.  So, if you want to increase your sales and brand awareness, you need to be doing in-store product demonstrations.


Boost Brand Consciousness

Brand marketing is about creating lasting impressions. Therefore, your product demonstrator’s most important function should be to build brand awareness. They are not there to ‘just’ sell a product, they should be specialists in your products and brand. They must be able to demonstrate and convince the consumer that:

  • Your product is different (and better!) from similar options,
  • Your product is fully understood, and
  • Your product is the (only) suitable one for them.

Achieve this, and the demo will leave a lasting impression on consumers – they will remember your product when they are ready to purchase.


Grow Sales

Studies conducted on retail product demonstrations have indicated conclusively that in-store sampling and demos have a powerful influence on sales, such as:

  • Increase in same-day sales,
  • Long-term purchasing habits,
  • Brand franchise sales, and
  • The total basket size of the average shopper.

It would be short-sighted for a brand to ignore the positive spin-offs that can be achieved by effective product demos.


Foster Future Sales

Immediate sales are a good way to track the performance of the demonstration. However, a good demonstration campaign should have a lasting effect on future sales.


Generate Leads

Lead generation is a valuable way to connect with your consumers, and to keep the line of communication open, which can lead to future sales. So, use the demo as an opportunity to:

  • Obtain your consumers’ names,
  • Invite them back for the next demo,
  • Encourage them to bring their partners, family and friends,
  • Ask if they would like to receive a newsletter, and
  • Ask if they would like to receive information on specials and deals via email.

It is a valuable way to learn who your consumers are and what their level of interest is.


Great Minds Think Alike

Even if you do not sell a single item during a demo, it is a great opportunity to discover what consumers really think. For instance:

  • Do they know your brand and where did they hear about your product?
  • Which gender or age range shows the most interest in your product?
  • What are their reasons for not purchasing?

This information can be used to plan your future marketing campaign and to better address the needs of your consumers, both potential and existing.


Every consumer is unique, so every demo should be carefully matched to your brand and target market. With YouTube, blogs and social media, you can have a 24/7 sales representative by uploading videos of your product demonstrations and sharing them online. Contact WSI OMS for more information about internet marketing services.

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