Pay per click campaigns are an important part of your digital marketing strategy. So, if your campaigns are not converting, you need to understand why. Here are three key reasons why your campaign might be getting a low click to convert ratio.

Your Campaign Manager’s Experience 

As a digital marketing agency that manages everything from retargeting strategies to Facebook ads, we have found the most common reasons why PPC campaigns do not work is because the person managing the campaign doesn’t always know what they are doing. It’s true that Google AdWords has a lot of resources and that it is easy to set up a campaign yourself, but inexperienced people often miss big opportunities that could make a significant change in their PPC results.

Your Bidding Strategy Is Failing 

Your bidding strategy may be off, meaning: 

  • That you might not be using native keywords, 
  • You are bidding too much, 
  • Your budget is too much, 
  • Your goals aren’t set or defined, and so on. 

The people who manage the most successful campaigns are those who sit at a desk and work on PPC campaigns all day. They aren’t social media people, bloggers,  strategists or involved in other aspects. PPC campaign management is a craft that is perfected over years.

Your Budget Is Too Small

Another reason why PPC campaigns don’t convert is that the budget isn’t big enough. If your competitor is spending R15 000-00 and you are spending R1 500-00, you might get a few of the leads, but not enough to make a difference. PPC is an auction system. It’s like eBay. If you bid R1-00 on an item and another person bids R5-00, eBay is going to give the item to the person who bid R5-00. 

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