WSI Internet Consultants are used to taking on a challenge. That is why Shane Serra a friend and fellow IC from Toronto, Canada rose to the challenge when a power utility from Ontario came  to WSI for a digital marketing strategy. Utility companies are not known for their social media presence. Read Shane’s article on devising and executing a social media strategy for the Ontario based company, PowerStream, to see how it is done. – Francois Muscat

PowerStream goes social with the help of WSI

In this day and age social media marketing has become essential for any organization looking to engage with their customers, employees and partners.  That is why WSI worked with PowerStream, an electric utility company, to create Ontario’s first utility industry focused social blog and news network.

Compiling a Social Media Marketing Strategy

WSI Optimized eSolutions worked with PowerStream to devise a targeted social media marketing strategy that would let them engage with their target audience. To compile and execute the comprehensive social media marketing strategy our WSI team had to:

  1. Conduct an industry-wide digital marketing review
  2. Develop a strategic social media plan
  3. Develop and implement a fully integrated social media campaign and tools
  4. Provide on-going training and support

Social media marketing is a first for the utility industry in Ontario. When WSI launched the eStream blog website they wanted a social blog where customers can read, share and comment on corporate news and articles. PowerStream utility experts contribute informative articles for the blog while a Twitter profile provides timely information and news about customers’ electrical services.

A YouTube channel, called PowerStreamTV was created to offer informative videos on programs and services. The digital marketing plan will also include a Facebook page, enabling PowerStream to engage with their customers across a variety of social media platforms.

PowerStream is the 2nd largest municipality-owned electric utility in Ontario servicing 340 000 customers. The WSI Optimized eSolutions team wanted to create a social media strategy that would benefit PowerStream’s customer focused approach. Have a look at the end product, the eStream social blog and news network on

If you need help with your digital marketing, contact WSI Optimized eSolutions. We are experienced in creating targeted social media marketing plans for clients from various industries.

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