SEO (Search Engine Optimization) relies on keywords – any way you look at it. Keywords are the foundation of any search online. How do you research and choose your keywords? Find below a couple of free and subscription keyword tools that you can use.

  • Google Alerts: This is a free alert service where you can enter the search term that you are looking for, and every time those keywords or key phrases are used, you will be sent an email. Google will deliver snippets of news stories and web pages directly to your inbox.
  • Wordtracker: Wordtracker features a free and a paid version of their keyword research tools. I have written a blog post a while ago titled “SEO Blogger Firefox plugin” where you can research keywords directly in your browser.
  • Google Trends: With Google trends you can view popular topics over a period of time based on Google graphs of search volue and search data. You can enter up to 5 topics and see how often those topics are searched for on Google over a period of time.
  • KeywordSpy: This is a great tool where you can view which keywords and keyword phrases your competition is using.
  • Twitter Search: Twitter search is a real-time search engine where you can search for real-time results on the Twitterverse.  This is a great tool to see which topics and keywords are trendy.
  • This is a social bookmarking site that is owned by Yahoo. You can use this social bookmarking tool and other bookmarking tools such as Digg, Mixx and Propellar to name but a few, to search for quality topics.
  • WordStream: This is another keyword research tool with paid and free versions. With WordStream you can sift though large keyword list and segment the information.
  • Google Keyword Tool: Powered by the Google adwords data, this is the best tool for topics with low search volume. This tool reports higher levels of daily searches than the other keyword research tools.
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