As I mentioned in my previous blog about Pinterest (link to Francoisblog2), this is the fastest growing social media network – with 10-million monthly visitors, it’s an increasingly important place to “be seen”.

What makes Pinterest different from Twitter and Facebook is that you don’t need a lot of followers or friends to be seen. It’s a very “open” website and people can stumble upon any pin board when pinning pictures.

Think out of the box

You’re going to have to do a bit of out of the box thinking to drive traffic to your website from Pinterest. People re-pin inspiring, neat, cool or interesting photos – so you can’t (always) just upload product pictures (or any old picture) to make it work. Here are a few ideas for B2B and B2C marketers:


About 9% of top online retailers are offering Pinterest pins on their websites. If you’ve got a retail store – you might think that Pinterest isn’t for you. Check out what Whole Foods is doing – their pin boards are categorised as What’s for dinner?; Sweet Tooth; Eat Your Veggies etc. They’ve got colourful pictures of food that people would want to re-pin.

Another idea is to turn each section of your store into a pin board. I often tell people that they need to duplicate what they do in real life and turn it into a web property – tell your company’s story on Pinterest by creating relevant pin boards that paint a rich picture of your products or services.

Host a contest on Pinterest

Approximately 70% of Pinterest users are women, so if you sell products that women buy – this is the ideal place to be seen. A unique idea is to host a photo competition (especially if you sell something that can be used in DIY crafts). Ask users to post their pictures and give a prize to the best pin.

Seasonal pins

Pinterest users will be searching for different things throughout the year. Before Christmas, they might be searching for gift ideas, recipes or festive pictures. Make sure you’re adapting your pin boards accordingly to make sure you are found.

Coupons and QR Codes

Coupons and QR codes are becoming more popular and widely used by the day. Your pictures can be QR Codes of your products – or you can create coupons that people can share and use when doing business with you.

Include a URL or watermark in your photos

One of your Pinterest goals should be to drive traffic to your website, so include a URL or watermark on your photos (if your photos get re-pinned a lot, it might be hard to tell where it was originally posted so using a URL or watermark can help with brand recognition).

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