It is undeniable; the need to become familiar with social media marketing should really be on the top of all digital marketers’ to-do list. One of the most influential and powerful social media platforms in this day and age is none other than Pintrist. While this may surprise you, there is something massive which sets this social media platform apart from your others: staying power. While Facebook and Twitter post warrant instant gratification via likes and shares, something which has been pinned has a much longer life span and durability. Here are a few ways to make sure that Pintrest will work for you.

Digital marketers, be sure to share your pins on other networks

By doing this, you are spreading your Pintrist reach across a number of different social media platforms. This will spread the word of your Pintrist board and make you more noticeable and discoverable to your potential followers.

Put a Pin It button on your blog

Be sure to start incorporating the iconic Pin It button into all of your blog posts, giving people the ability to share your thoughts. This will give them the ability to share your blog post right then and there growing your blog through the one and only Pintrest. In the same right, ensure that your blog post photos are ‘pinnable’ and will attract the right attention you wish them to.

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