More and more people are using social media as part of their daily routine. Many people start the day checking their Twitter and Facebook feeds, in the same way they would check their email. Throughout the day, people also use social media networks to share their experiences and also distribute content, all the while staying up to date through updates and shared content from people in their networks.

However, despite its massive uptake and continued growth, many people are still not convinced that social media can add value as a business tool. Many companies that have set up accounts and profiles on various social media networks are still seeing little if any results. In a recent business poll in the US, as many as 62% of the respondents said they questioned the value of social media. In fact, 44% were unsure social media would bring any value to their business, while 18% were convinced social media was just a fad with little or no business value.

In South Africa, businesses are just as skeptical. A considerable number of companies have no social media strategy at all, while some large companies have only recently built a presence on Twitter.

Getting business value from social media

Despite the hesitance of businesses, the reality is that social media networks have become part of our everyday lives. Regardless of whether a company chooses to be active on these platforms, their customers and clients are. People are quick to turn to social media networks when they are disappointed with a company, sharing their disapproval with all their followers. If companies are not monitoring this activity, a lot of damage can be result.

Businesses need to accept that people are going to be active on social networks, discussing their experiences with companies and brands. Being part of this conversation can be a significant advantage to these companies. By engaging with customers on social media networks, addressing their complaints and communicating to them, companies can keep their current customers and increase their client base.

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