The behaviour of those you want to be in your network, provides the key to how you can better connect with them.  For most companies, sharing content becomes all about them and won’t help you create meaningful connections that lead to engagement and relationship building.

Keeping a pulse on the social conversations and actions of your audience can help inform whether or not your company is actually important to them, as well as help drive your social initiatives.

There are a number of important customer issues that you should take into consideration when publishing on social media channels.

  • What value are they getting out of your initiatives?
  • What messages resonate best with them?
  • And do you have the context to know the full extent of your relationship with these people and to identify who is helping spread your social messages?

 To start, some of the keys to comprehending your audience’s behaviour and motivations lie in:

  • Tracking what content you are sharing to understand what gets the most engagement to better inform and optimise your content strategy in an ongoing way
  • Following what’s being said about your brand, your competitors and industry trends
  • Monitoring general conversations about you taking place in your current network to identify what conversations are happening organically
  • Monitoring activity from industry leaders, thought leaders and analysts to stay on top of key issues in your space
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