Yesterday I did a post titled “Part 1: Social Media Optimization” where I explained the basics of Social Media Optimization. In this post I will be explaining it even further.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization goes hand in hand. Here is a quick recap on what Social Media Marketing exactly is below

If SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about optimizing and building up the content found on your website and then waiting so that search engines and crawlers can index it, Social Media Optimization is about knocking down the walls of your site so that your content can be found faster.

What a mouthful! Read it again and think about it.

Will you be happy if targeted users finds your content faster than the search engines? Why wait for search engines to index your website when other people can do it for you and share it with their communities? Well it sounds nice and easy but how will users find you? This is where Social Media Optimization comes into place.

Social Media Optimization Methods

There’s a couple of social media optimization methods to optimize your online profile to be more visible to users on the web. One of the easiest methods is by adding social network and bookmark buttons on your website or blog so that users can share your content with a simple click of a button. But what if your users don’t know about your website and content?

To get the best results from social media you will need the right link magnet. If you present the right link magnet at the right time and to the right audience, you will be getting unimaginable amounts of traffic to your website. Faster than any search engine could ever have indexed your pages. To give you an example – for a new company to have a listing on Digg on their home page can offer instant visibility to them as thousands of people view Digg everyday.

For an established company, it can strengthen their brand awareness. The key to social media is knowing how to leverage it and the ability to attract, engage and convert new visitors. Reaching out to social communities to bring attention to your brand is not a new concept. In today’s technology driven world, if done right the benefit with social media optimization is huge.

Benefits of Social Media Optimization

The benefits of SMO could vary depending on what your goals and objectives are. For some companies, it is the instant exposure and high volume of traffic to their online profiles that it creates. Traffic alone does not increase conversions and revenue. The trick is to capture those first time (unique) visitors and convert them into loyal community members.

The benefit of optimization your site for social media inspires you to create rich informative content which can help build trust and credibility. Become the expert in your field and expose your content to thousands of new visitors.

Leave a comment below if you require more information regarding Social Media Optimization. Watch this space for the next part of this series.