In my previous post (Part 1: Social Media Marketing 2011), I started this blog post series explaining a couple of popular Social Media Marketing myths that are floating around.   Because this is a series of posts, I am going to continue on a couple of other myths regarding SMM.

Social Media Marketing is really not about selling directly, it’s all about listening and providing value before you start marketing. With this said, find below a couple more myths on this exciting trend.

Social Media Marketing

Blogging (Web 2.0 – social media) is too risky

Many people are afraid to start blogging and to participate in various social media channels for the fear of messing up or negative reaction.  Did you know that the conversation online (buzz) will take place about your brand or your company with or without you? It is really risky not to be part of the social media trend.  With a blog you can demonstrate thought leadership and it could be the vocal point of your online marketing strategy. Blogging is definitely on my short list that I believe every company should have, but I will explain this in great detail in one of the future posts of this series.

SMM is about placing advertisements on social networks

Not at all, this is a form of paid advertising.  Social media is all about engaging and interacting with your targeted audience.  Placing banner ads on various social networks or websites will not do this.  The ultimate goal with Social Media Marketing is to show that your business is trustworthy and credible, and to inspire trust.

I’ll get nothing out of social media

Although it is tougher to measure success with social media that will include brand awareness and reputation, Social Media Marketing is very effective with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  More organic search engine results will result in more sales, leads and traffic.

No statistics available

There’s literally hundreds of methods and monitoring tools available to measure the impact of your Social Media Marketing campaign.  These tools can track the number of your mentions for your brand name, number of followers, comments around the web, and even the number of visitors to your site that were referred from various social media channels.