Social media is big, it’s huge, and it is basically a fundamental part for many businesses these days. Here’s a couple of questions that I often get asked: “what is the next big thing?” and “what social media platform is the next Facebook or Twitter?”. Usually I answer that I just do not know what will be the next “big thing”. There might be a next big thing around the corner, but I see the Web 2.0 (social media/networking) boom settling down and it’s becoming more common for companies popping up to stake a claim on user’s online time.

Instead of worrying about what will be the next big “Facebook” or “Twitter”, PR professionals and digital marketing professionals should focus more on the technology side of things.  The existing applications and networks won’t change that much.  You will still need to understand and watch them closely and find new ways to communicate and provide value on them.

Is it a bird, is it a plain, no – it’s mobile!

If I truly had to pick the next big thing, I would say that it is already busy happening and it’s moving at the speed of light – it’s mobile! Everywhere you look you can see advertisements of the latest smart phones and tablets.  It is really not a luxury for only business people any more. Because of the open source nature of the internet and major players in the industry such as Google and Apple’s ability to let any developer and development house build applications for their platforms, the technology got far ahead of normal users.

Instead of playing with devices we couldn’t even think to visualize how to use, we all of a sudden had easy to use applications (apps) that made our every day lives easier by only using our fingers. Website development was the big thing in 1997.  Social networking was the big thing in 2008.  Mobile is the big thing now, and it’s happening very fast.

In part 2 of this series we are going to look at various social media technologies you can use on your mobile device.

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